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My Year of Running Wild

The time has come. I’ve been responsible and cautious for six decades. And now, I really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by stepping out and jumping off the edge of what could be the best years of my life. Standing here looking tentatively into the unknown is getting me nothing, but older. To hell with it, it’s time.

I’ve been preparing myself, unknowingly and instinctively, for a few years now. I’ve taken small risks, lived a, more active and richer life with the intention of living larger and deeper before it is too late. It’s paid off. I’ve had some fabulous experiences, gained knowledge, insights and wisdom along the way and feel fulfilled by what I’ve accomplished.

But this morning, looking out into the rising sun, wrapped safe and warm in my same old shawl on the same old couch, I realize, I’m antsy. I want more. My insatiable appetite hungers for another experience, a new challenge, yet undetermined, that I am confident is waiting for me.

This is my time and I will seize it with both hands and let myself run wild, headlong into what comes next.

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