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I'm presenting! Please join me.

You are invited to It’s MY Time Now mini summit, hosted by coach, Teri Bach.

Nine authors, speakers and coaches, including local author, Fran Braga Meininger, will share ideas and unique perspectives on how to retain resilience during this stage of the Pandemic and how to recognize new opportunities that may not have been possible before.

Topics include:

• Changes we can make to help navigate our changing lives during Covid and beyond

• The opportunities found during the Pandemic and how to make them part of our life

• Finding simple pleasures, and making big plans, as circumstances shift around us

This FREE event will be delivered directly to your inbox each day, March 7th - 11th.

Fran Braga Meininger is a local author and content provider for Sixty and Me, Changing Aging, She Rose Revolution and other sites dedicating to what she terms, The Years Beyond Youth, a time when a woman’s life can be vibrant, engaging and intriguing despite, or perhaps, because of what comes with age.

Her personal essays have appeared on KQED Insights, Ruminate Magazine and many other publications. She hosts a blog and features more of her musings on her own website, The Years Beyond

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