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Knocking on Life's Door

It’s harder as we get older. It seems people have even more reasons now to shut the door in our face. The world sees us as spent and done; useless and beyond our prime. They see the shell and imagine what lies below is as pale and wrinkled as the face that peers back at them; declaring every sadness and triumph along the way. They assume because our eyes are slightly dim and our memory lets some details trail off, that we have nothing left to offer.

But we must persevere. We must prove them wrong; make them listen and understand. We’re not done. Not at all. We are vibrant, fiery and alive within this aging body. There is a spirit that sings, a flame that blazes on and an imagination that carries us forward despite the obstacles of the inevitable.

Knock on the door. Kick it in if that is what it takes. Don’t leave until you are heard and your presence is known and respected. Don’t allow assumption and stereotype to hold you back, shut you out or deny you what you want. You have something of value to offer whether or not they know it.

Don’t wait to be asked by those who don’t even know what they don’t know. Wave it proudly over your head, shout it out for all to hear, send your message into the world, over and over until it gets attention.

Not just for yourself, not just for us, but for the world. The world needs us. We are the elders; the wise women and we have power. Stand up. Show up. And keep knocking.

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